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Music has this huge power

10. August 2017

Sometimes all you need is a tune around the corner As long as I keep listening to music, I will be painting. Music has this huge power over me,...


26. März 2017

FASHIONISTA Alê Monteiro “Now look at her, isn’t @alemonteiro84 quite a cat! 😎 That’s what I call priceless! This pose of hers is stylish, feminine and beams with attitude”...


1. März 2017

SURFMAID Kara Louise “When I look at this work, I wish I was HER… about to hit the waves, being all by myself. Feel the life, the moment and...

Les Petites Joies De La Vie

17. Februar 2017

I FOLLOW. I Begin to paint and follow an inner feeling, I follow the shape and then an idea occurs and leads to other paintings. This is, simply put,...