4. January 2019


(Pet Portrait and Comission requests via Email)
(Haustier- und Auftragsanfragen gern per Email)

// 60 x 60 cm

// Acrylic on Wood

// Ready to hang

// 17. December 2018

!! Not Available

// Other Portraits like this: EMILIA the cow // Kingfisher // HUBERTUS the deer // CURIOUS the cat // TONY the sheep

CANSU // 60x60 cm // acrylic on wood // ready to hang // Not Available

Looking to have your pet portrayed in an abstract way? Send an email with your request and a picture from your pet via Email 


Lust auf ein Porträt deines Haustieres? Anfragen samt Foto vom Haustier bitte per Mail.


Hi + Welcome. "You want what you create to live" is something I was taught one day and something I apply to my creations; my art and my words. Enjoy it for the simple thing that it is. I am Alwina Simon.